20th Anniversary Box Art Auction

This year's auction to benefit East End Hospice is scheduled for 28 August at St. Luke's Church Hoie Hall in East Hampton beginning at 4:30 p.m. Preview is 25 and 26 August 10 - 4. The black, brown and white assemblage is entitled "Jenga," the name of the wooden block game from the 80's. 

Recent Assemblages 

Most material for the assemblages is decommissioned honeybee hives. The wood was first shaped by human processes on behalf of the honeybee and the subsequent transformations are by her and the flow of time. My use of these architectonic components responds to the range of inside and outside conditions and variations in original purpose.

Assemblages utilize whole components or parts or fragments of parts. Three such pieces presented here are - Work Not Documentation, Intimacy's Mirror and Anyone and Everyone.

Some are hybrid works in that they include paintings. Guymon marks a return to a particular environmental theme. Disguise superimposes an assemblage on top of a painting. The latter's combination may relate to experience of 2020 and the effect of mask wearing.

Recent Painting

This year brought about the completion of several canvases that I have long pursued. Of those, some are posted . Interpretations of the Future resolves several ideas that were attempted in earlier works. In response to the piece, my" landlord" Connie Fox said, "It doesn't ask you what it is; it tells you what it is." Incapable are Capable takes its name from its parallactic qualities and from my desire to see the same in others. BothAnd 1 and 2 started out as a diptych were completed as individual paintings.

Out West and Hot Tundra are among the small new canvases and respond to ever-present environmental challenges. 

0 May 21 feels to be an anomalous work due to its open space and unfamiliar palette. 

Print awarded for Solar Impressions Juried Exhibition

The solarplate print "Crepuscule" was selected for the interntional exhibition at Southampton Art Center. Juror Eric Fischl awarded the entry. The exhibition opens 16 November and runs through 29 December in Southampton, NY.

Solo exhibition opens July 13 at Dan Welden Gallery in Sag Harbor

ROB CALVERT - FOLD, the artist's explores of the both-and world of folded space. The exhibition includes paintings, sculpture and three-dimensional Solarplate etching. Opening reception is Saturday, 13 July 2019 from 4 - 6pm. For appointments, call Andrea Baatz, Studio Manager at Dan Welden Studio/Gallery - 631.725.3990 or Rob Calvert - 631.702.3849.

EEH and the 19th Annual Box Art Auction

Recently completed "Rabbit Hole" for the Box Art Auction to benefit East End Hospice is posted on EEH's website. The event takes place 24 August 2019 at Hoie Hall, St Luke's Episcopal Church in East Hampton.

The outline remains of the original wine bottle box while it is transformed as an open form. 


Visual artist Rob Calvert opens “Witness” Exhibition at Temple Adas Israel 28 April 2019

In association with Holocaust Remember Observance, Rob Calvert will exhibit his six-piece topical series at Temple Adas Israel Gallery Space in Sag Harbor. Ann Chwatsky’s selection for this year’s exhibition marks the first opportunity to see these works.
Calvert made the assemblages in response to his 2016 visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland to bear witness to the Holocaust. Overwhelmed by the visit, he writes, “My need was not to erase, correct or undo things but to respond with measure equal to the experience.”
Opening Night Exhibition and reception is 28 April from 5 to 7pm. and runs through May. Public is invited. The synagogue and gallery are located at the corner of Atlantic Ave. and Elizabeth St., Sag Harbor. The gallery is open by arrangement. Call the Temple at (631) 725-0904. For more information, email Ann Chwatsky at annphoto@aol.com. 

4th Annual Patron Show at JJML

The show at the John Jermain Memorial Library opens 21 November and runs through 6 January 2019. This submission, "The Un-scene", continues the development of collage and assemblage format with digital transformation of the original paper collages (made from local style magazines). The two figures/images are in conversation with their assembled frame, both formally and thematically. Portrait of portraits. The opening reception is 24 November from 2:30 - 4:30 pm in Sag Harbor, NY.

725 Show at Sag Harbor Whaling Museum

Opening Reception for the exhibition is 21 September and the show runs through 31 October 2018. The entry is a mixed media assemblage using a collage from 2017, wood, paint, acrylic and metal in a one-off, small format piece. 

Part II, An Invitational at CMEE

The Children's Museum of the East End opens the second installment of an exhibition curated by Kimberly Goff of the Elaine Benson Gallery on 18 August 2018, 6 - 8pm. The show runs through 23 October in Bridgehampton, NY. Museum hours are 9am to 5pm, Mon - Sun.

51st Springs Annual Invitation Runs 3-13 August

One of the newest assemblages, Reset, is chosen by the show's curator, Scott Bluedorn, for this year's exhibition. It uses retired honeybee hive boxes, material that features prominently in this year's work. Opening reception is 5 - 8 pm on 3 August 18.